Tumpek Landep takes place in Bali - AsiaRooms.com

February 20, 2010 (PRLEAP.COM) Travel News
AsiaRooms.com highlights travellers booking Bali hotels in March may be present during the special day known as Tumpek Landep.

This event sees Bali's Hindu population give thanks for metal tools, family heirlooms and sacred weapons such as the keris a double-edged dagger with an undulating blade.

On the morning of Tumpek Landep, each metal item is carefully washed and polished, before being wrapped in pieces of cloth and blessed with offerings.

Holy water is then sprinkled on the tools and incense is burnt in a traditional ritual.

Nowadays, the holy day extends to modern items made from metal, including cars, motorcycles and other vehicles.

Computers and office machinery will also be blessed during the day, which pays tribute to Sanghyang Pasupati, the god of steel implements.

Taxi drivers and other car owners can be seen decorating their vehicles with woven palm fronds.

Other holy days of this kind that take place in Bali throughout the year include Tumpek Wayang giving thanks for the gift of art - and Tumpek Kandang, which celebrates the gift of livestock.