February 25, 2010 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Rip Off lamps can cost way too much money! Businesses are throwing away their money buying "short life" bulbs. Superior Lamp announces a campaign to inform the commercial and industrial lighting customer that "short life" or inferior lighting products are a bad investment. There are some people out there that would even say that selling a "short life" lighting product to a business is a scam. It's no wonder that businesses have so many complaints when it comes to their poor lighting quality or longevity; that's because many businesses are using the wrong products and buying "short life" bulbs to save a buck or two "right now". However, there are not many products where the old adage "You get what you pay for" applies more than in your investment in the lighting products you buy for your business. Many business owners have trouble getting beyond the look of more efficient lighting and they don't clearly understand that by investing a little more up front, they will pay less in the long run.

While most product manufacturers, in general, have moved beyond being of the "Throw Away" or "Obsolescent Built-in" nature, standard lighting manufacturing has been slow to follow. Superior Lamp is a firm believer in making sure their products are "Built to last" and are designed with businesses in mind. Superior Lamp backs up their outstanding quality and performance by offering the best product guarantees of up to 84 months on their heavy duty fluorescent tubes.

Additionally, by investing in Superior Lamp's Enviro-Safe products, a business can also contribute to lowering their "carbon footprint" in addition to the longevity guarantees that they can expect.


- Heavy Duty products built to withstand Commercial and Industrial applications
- Fluorescent bulbs feature a cathode shield to prevent blackening of the ends and increase brightness
- No flickering fluorescents!
- Heavy Duty Fluorescents offer an unprecedented 84-month guarantee.
- Enviro-Safe bulbs are TCLP compliant and meet Federal regulations for mercury leaching in landfills
- Enviro-Safe bulbs save energy and natural resources
- Superior Lamp offers a wide selection of bulbs that replicate natural sunlight which reduces eye-strain and glare and also provides additional health benefits to combat conditions like Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)

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