World Thai Martial Arts Festival may appeal to Pattaya visitors -

February 28, 2010 (PRLEAP.COM) Travel News can reveal that people using accommodation in Pattaya next month may be interested in the World Thai Martial Arts Festival taking place in Ayutthaya.

Running from March 10th to 17th, the event exists to celebrate the ancient art of Muay Thai, which is the country's national sport.

With the City of Ayutthaya Stadium providing the venue, the festival promises to be a memorable event for anyone with an interest in martial arts and Thai culture.

Muay Thai is similar to other styles of kickboxing found in south-east Asia, although the Thai version has enjoyed the most exposure in western culture.

The discipline is noted for its use of ritual, with fighters always performing the Wai Khru ceremony, in which they pay homage and give thanks to their teachers, before the bout begins.

Anyone who has stayed in accommodation in Thailand is likely to be aware of Muay Thai, as the sport plays a prominent role in daily life for many Thai people.

Attending the festival will also give travellers an excuse to visit the ruins of Ayutthaya, one of the country's ancient capitals.

Situated in central Thailand, the city is now a historical park and became a UNESCO world heritage site in 1991.