Callgen Launches Cost-Per-Call on Google

September 16, 2005 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News

Industry analysts The Kelsey Group have estimated that Cost-Per-Call could become a multi-billion dollar field over the next few years, as the lessons learned from the explosively successful Pay-Per-Click industry are applied and refined. Callgen are the first to have live adverts running and expect to be an industry leader as Cost-Per-Call blossoms.

For advertising agencies the benefits are potentially enormous, with a healthy percentage of the revenue from the calls payable to the agency as a commission and the advertisers delighted that at last they can pay for measurable results.

Callgen's marketing manager, Warren Berdo, said the inclusiveness and precision of the process were the keys to its impending success.

"Pay-Per-Click has been phenomenally successful, but the limitations of the current technology are starting to show," Berdo said. "Businesses with websites are realising that paying for visitors to browse their website means incurring costs for those who are sometimes a long way from a sale. Cost-Per-Call means advertisers just pay for calls, a better indicator of intent to buy.

As companies such as Google and Yahoo have built billion dollar concerns from Pay-Per-Click with only 30% of the business community providing the revenue, so Callgen expects to be a major player with similar potential, with virtually 100% of the business community able to participate in online advertising for the first time.

The weaknesses in Pay-Per-Click such as the imperative need for a website and the potential for click fraud have been swept away by Cost-Per-Call, as internet advertising becomes an asset available to all businesses with a phone. The new model is far more fraud resistant and has the added benefit of only costing the advertiser when they get calls, a revolutionary concept in an industry that traditionally lacks any performance based products.

Callgen is backed by an award-winning ISP and a licensed telecoms provider, both UK-based and supported.

The future looks extremely bright for Callgen as we see the beginning of a new era, with the tried and tested internet advertising game evolving in a way that will surely revolutionise advertising completely.

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