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September 16, 2005 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
The IPG group proudly announces the launch of Lebanese theatre actor/director Lucien Bourjeily’s official website: . This web site provides information about the Lebanese actor/director Lucien Bourjeily, the IPG group, and the latest work of Lebanese theatrical pioneer Mounir Abou Debs with whom Bourjeily has worked for the past 5 years putting on stage classical plays by Ionesco, Chekhov, Lorca, and some plays written by Abou Debs himself. Although you can already visit the site, "Lucien Bourjeily Official Website" will officially launch on 20th of September 2005.

The IPG group invites all people interested in Lebanese theatre and the work done by the IPG group in Lebanon to come and help celebrate this launch, and to check out the related content on the web site. The IPG is a non-profit organization that seeks intercontinental cultural exchange. Founded in 2002 by Jean Paul Hage and Lucien Bourjeily, this organization is now present in more than 10 countries with 700 members. IPG’s website is a platform used by all IPG members, and potential members, to communicate in the most efficient way. You can visit IPG on Nowadays, the Lebanese theater is trying hard to do away with the shortcomings of the war and find its identity but it is suffering from several crises: a crisis of production, a crisis of scriptwriting, and a crisis of public. Nevertheless the theater public should not despair because during the sixties and seventies the conditions of the theatre were better, that is why producers are more and more encourage to finance new plays. The Lebanese theatre flourished beautifully in Lebanon later on in the 60’s despite all the war years and its leftovers, Lebanese theatre was able to glow internationally with the Baalbeck Festival. Mounir Abou Debs, the director of the show, founded a theatre school attended by currently most famous actors: Antoine and Latife Moultaka, Antoine Kerbage, Theodora Racy, Rida Khoury, Raymond Gebara, Joseph Abou Nassar, Mireille Maalouf, Michel Nabaam, Chakib Khoury, Yaacoub Chedraoui. Just recently in the late 1990's, youth theater groups like the IPG group are making the theater in Lebanon prosper and are putting it back on its feet. The great rivers of the Lebanese Theater seem to flow again.