Test Your Driving Skills Online With Continental Tyres and Win a PS3

March 05, 2010 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Every day, drivers face all kinds of hazards on the roads. In an effort to help spread the message of road safety and raise awareness of these potential dangers, Continental Tyres has released a new online driving game with fantastic prizes to be won for the best displays of automotive skill.

Guy Frobisher, marketing director at Continental Tyres, comments: "Driver awareness of road-based hazards is extremely important, especially in poor weather conditions. However, a potentially bigger issue in these circumstances is tyre tread depth, with our research finding that more than 3.5 million motorists in the UK could be driving on illegal tyres.

"1.6mm is the legal limit, yet extensive testing has shown that the effectiveness of tyres in wet weather drops significantly below 3mm. We hope that the new Test My Driving game illustrates the difference between the two depths of tread in a fun and informative way, with scores being awarded based on your online driving skill around the track rather than your speed."

Top spot on the scoreboard is definitely something to aim for, with first place winning a Sony PlayStation 3 120GB Slim Console. The second place prize is a ContiComfortKit say goodbye to the hassle of changing a tyre with this handy kit which allows you to temporarily fix a puncture and be on your way to your chosen garage in minutes. Handy indeed, as nearly 23 percent of men and 59 percent of women confess to not being able to change a tyre.

Third place prize is a tyre pressure gauge when you regularly check your tyres are correctly inflated, you reduce fuel consumption and improve tyre life and grip on the road. Those in fourth and fifth place will drive off with a stylish beanie hat each. All of the top five will also receive a tread depth gauge essential to the safety of your vehicle in wet weather is the tread depth of the tyres. Find out what your tread depth is and visit www.3minmax.com for further information.

So, what are you waiting for? Start your engines and get your scores submitted by 1st April 2010 to enter round two of the monthly prize giveaway.