has relaunched its website with a brand new design

March 05, 2010 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News, based in San Jose, California, has redesigned and relaunched its website in order to provide auto insurance shoppers with the best rate information available on their coverage, but also to help them to navigate the confusing world of insurance as a whole. "We took a look at what others were doing, and what we were already doing and realized we could improve upon it all," said Wadekari, CEO. "This economic downturn has affected everyone. Nobody has been spared financial pain. It was time for us to start providing useful information on all types of coverage."

The site's new front page now includes a menu list of news items, articles, and an information "hot list" that includes such topics as sr22 explanations, and a special page guiding you through the claims process. Of course, the entire site is designed to help consumers purchase or maintain their auto insurance for the lowest rates possible.

"This is not the time for people to be losing or discontinuing their coverage because they can't afford it," said Wadekar. "There are still far too many people out of work and focused on money rather than safe driving. Good auto coverage helps keep everyone safe."

When asked why a December launch, Wadekari, explained, "According to AAA, accident rates rise during the inclement weather that comes with the holiday season, and those numbers are boosted by people driving home from parties or family gatherings. One too many sips of eggnog and you've got a claim to file. Having insurance is especially vital at this time of year."

Acknowledging that the site is never entirely finished, Wadekari adds, "There will always be new insurance news, and new information being added, but the design we've chosen is pretty basic. Shopping for insurance is confusing enough without us making it even more difficult." The site's editors welcome and invite questions, comments, and ideas., based in San Jose, California, offers in-depth information and insurance quotes to consumers seeking automotive coverage. Redesigned and relaunched in February 2009, strives to stay abreast of the latest developments in the insurance industry and to give consumers easily accessible and useful information.