Increased Reebok EasyTones sales at as the UK prepares for Summer

March 13, 2010 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
The Reebok EasyTone has arrived at adding to the range of fitness shoes which can give the lower body a workout without needing to change the daily routine.

Shoes designed to stimulate more muscles and increase the burn from normal walking are proving to be a big hit, as the UK starts toning the legs and bum for the summer bikini season.

Since their arrival, sales have increased dramatically as word starts to spread about the benefits which Reebok EasyTone shoes provide. Being able to take the gym everywhere gives a fast track route to sexier pins and firmer buns.

The figures from the initial footwear trials demonstrate an increased workout of 28% to the bottom when working out. The calves and hamstrings are also targeted, increasing activity by 11% in both these key areas. The overall tone of the lower body is improved without any noticeable effort. Naturally there is no gain without pain, and after a workout the extra muscle work can really be felt demonstrating how effective the shoes are.

How do Reebok manage to make such gains in muscle activity? The secret lies in the construction of the outsole of the trainers. In order to increase muscle usage, the shoes feature instability pods in the three key areas of the sole were the most pressure is exerted. The toes, ball and heel are placed slightly off balance by shifting air in the pods. The body naturally fine tunes the balance using a wider range of muscles throughout the legs, and it is the resultant increased muscle activity which offers faster improvements in muscle tone and produces rapidly visible results in the bum, calves and hamstrings.

Areas of instability built into a shoe require additional support to prevent movement of the foot within the shoe. Extra support is given to the foot by the insole, and to eliminate any potential abrasion, the SMOOTHFIT® system no seams are even in contact with the foot preventing any irritation. Many models feature an adjustable heel strap to keep Reebok EasyTones firmly in place on the feet to prevent any slipping. Uppers are constructed with a synthetic mesh to let the feet breathe and keep the feet well aired and cool. The added strains placed on the shoe from the constant balance adjustment are absorbed by a hard rubber medial post in the sole, to keep the shoe stable and prevent foot injury.

The snug fitting and padded EVA midsole cushions the feet and provides excellent support for walking running and use in the gym. Reebok EasyTone trainers provide the necessary comfort to enable their use throughout the day for a super daylong workout without the feet becoming tired. The legs and bum will be, but at least the feet are kept in perfect comfort.

In order to encourage wear throughout the day, and not just be reserved for exercise sessions, the range is being rapidly developed to add colour schemes and more style choices to the range. There are currently five different styles to choose from, with many more on the way. At the black and pink EasyTone Reeinspire series is one of the most popular choices for online shoppers.

For sexy shapely summer legs with the minimum of effort EasyTones offer the perfect solution. When the pressure is on to shape up for summer they provide the best solution for an increased burn throughout the day. The increases in sales at FitnessFootwear clearly demonstrate that these shoes are fast becoming the next must have shoe for lifestyle fitness and to develop beautiful shapely legs.

To find out more about how Reebok can shape the bottom and legs with ease visit for full details and a range of styles.