Free Printable Resume Builder Template Created by CareerRush

March 16, 2010 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Jobseekers today can find a resume builder online by simply searching for one and being presented by numerous options. However, in most cases the resume builder they find has a membership fee or a download cost associated with it. This is why CareerRush has stepped in and offered their professional resume builder at no cost.

The free printable resume builder offered by CareerRush is a template based online application, which does not require a download or an installation. Additionally, the template utilized to construct the resume has a very professional look and feel. Typically, with most other resume builders, the software will just stack the information and put it on paper. The CareerRush resume builder; however, follows the layout of a professional resume, and even places the information in the correct order of importance.

Employers and recruiters alike review many resumes when attempting to fill a position. Oftentimes, they will gather as many resumes as they can find and then go through them simply scanning quickly to see what catches their eyes. In order to create a successful resume, which will be selected for further review, you must take into account the resume layout and text format. Some will say that an objective sentence is not needed, but the objective sentence can serve as the means to encourage further reading. This is why the CareerRush free printable resume builder includes a field for the objective statement and CareerRush has also provided prewritten resume objective examples by industry.

CareerRush Resume Builder Features:

Offered as a Free Service
CareerRush does not charge Jobseekers for any services offered.

Template Based
The most widely accepted resume template format used today, in order to reduce wasted time due to formatting.

Downloadable Resumes in PDF or HTML Format
Users can download their resume for free to send electronically or for printing purposes.

Jobseekers can Save and Edit Their Resume on Career Rush
The CareerRush resume builder allows its users to access their resumes from nearly any computer with an internet connection.

Creates Printable Resumes
Upon completion, the user's resume is rendered in their choice of either PDF or HTML format.

Free Support Resources and Suggestions
To assist jobseekers in developing their resume via the CareerRush resume builder, a Frequently Asked Questions section has been created. Additionally, jobseekers with questions can contact the CareerRush staff via their online contact form.

Free Resume Distribution Suggestions
Once a jobseeker has finished developing his or her resume, he or she can then take advantage of CareerRush's online resume distribution service listings.

If a jobseeker is serious about finding employment, then he or she should make use of all tools available. CareerRush has provided nearly everything a jobseeker needs to create a resume, distribute it to the most popular job boards, then search for employment online via their listed online job search engine.

To try any of CareerRush's free jobseeker tools, simply visit