The Funeral Preplanning Guide eBook Helps Consumers Save Money on Funerals

March 17, 2010 (PRLEAP.COM) Lifestyle News
Canoga Park, CA March 17, 2010 In today's economy, few people can afford the devastating costs of an average American funeral, which can easily exceed $10,000. "The Funeral Preplanning Guide," a new eBook from Valley of Life, empowers consumers to save their families money and emotional distress by preplanning their own funerals.

Preneed funerals are the fastest-growing segment of the mortuary industry, and for good reason. Each year, thousands of people overpay for funerals, often because they aren't aware of their rights as consumers. The Federal Trade Commission estimates 20-40 percent of funeral homes violate the regulations of The Funeral Law. In "The Funeral Preplanning Guide," readers can learn how to save thousands of dollars while still creating a uniquely personal memorial service.

"When families are shocked and grieving over the death of a loved one, having to make funeral decisions can be the last straw," said Miri Rossitto, owner of and author of "The Funeral Preplanning Guide." "They're stressed out. They're vulnerable. And they're often willing to pay highly inflated prices just to get the experience over with more quickly."

Rossitto offers these tips for planning a memorable funeral at minimal cost:

- Preplan your funeral. Preplanning allows you the time to shop around for the best prices and choose the elements of your service with a calm, level head. It also ensures your loved ones won't be pressured to make quick decisions while under emotional duress.

- Don't spend money on casket protection features. No matter how much you spend on your casket, your body will decompose. Gaskets, seals and liners can't stop the body's natural decomposition process, so don't pay extra for them.

- Buy coffins, flowers and other items yourself. According to FTC regulations, consumers have the right to purchase funeral merchandise from direct suppliers without paying additional fees to the funeral home. If nothing else, order a casket factory direct; funeral homes often add a 300-500 percent markup on coffins.

- Choose direct burial or cremation. If you don't want to have a viewing, you can save money by having the body buried or cremated immediately following death. The memorial service can be held at a later time and date.

- Partner with your church or a memorial society. Many religious organizations offer their members discounted funeral products and services. Memorial societies are the secular equivalent; they are "buying clubs" that save you money through quantity discounts.

Social taboos against discussing death are difficult to overcome. In "The Funeral Preplanning Guide," author Rossitto breaks through these taboos and demystifies the funeral preplanning process. This two-volume eBook gently guides readers through the necessary steps of end-of-life planning, from expressing how they'd like to spend their final days to deciding how their bodies will be handled.

"The Funeral Preplanning Guide" is available in PDF format for $4.99 per volume or $8.99 for the complete set at the Valley of Life website:

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Valley of Life has a simple mission: to create a safe and loving environment where families and friends can pay tribute to those they have loved and lost. It was started in the fall of 2006 after the founder, Miri Rossitto, lost her mother. Respecting her mother's wishes to not carry out a traditional funeral service, Miri created the site as a way to honor her mother and allow those who knew her to do the same.

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