Stop Looking! The First Contact Resolution Silver Bullet is Already Here

March 30, 2010 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
2010 will see analytics-driven First Contact Resolutions come of age in contact centers as they take a far more practical approach to tackling operational First Contact Resolution improvement.

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First Call Resolution (FCR) is a unique key performance indicator (KPI) that measures the effectiveness, efficiency and customer satisfaction levels of a call center. It is the ONLY single metric that provides a balanced view of the call center's overall operating performance.

While improving First Contact Resolution rates can reduce costs and increase customer satisfaction, many call centers struggle to accurately measure and act on this important metric. In 2009 the Contact Center Research team embarked on a global review of alternative innovations to the First Contact Resolution challenge and a study tour of North America. This search resulted in a report describing an analytics-based approach to First Contact Resolution that is the market-proven and affordable "Silver Bullet" the industry has been waiting for.

Did you know?
- An organization that eradicates its top 25 main repeat call reasons will achieve market-leading customer satisfaction levels and call handling costs. Currently 86% of contact centers can only measure First Contact Resolution on between 1 and 5% of their calls. Almost one-tenth of contact centers openly admit to having no means at all to measure First Contact Resolution!

- Measuring repeat calls accurately as they apply to an individual agent across ALL calls is not possible using known technologies such as speech analytics, agent tagging, Structured Telephone Interviewing/IVR surveys, call recording or automated number identification or CLI.

- All competent contact centers are good at coaching agents, but do not have the tools or time to coach out repeat reasons as they apply to individual agent. 96% of contact centers believe they could manage agent First Contact Resolution coaching in a busy environment, but 97% admit they do not have the tools to do this.

- Individual agents have their own "pet" repeat calls which they tend to generate and these are often very different from fellow agents sitting either side of them. 93% of contact centers see the value of agent-level personalized coaching on First Contact Resolution repeat topics.

- Too many organizations believe they can self-build a system often a combination of agent tagging, CLI or IVR surveys which can deal with the mathematical complexities of accurate First Contact Resolution measurement. I am personally still waiting to meet the organization that has achieved this, but have been witness to hundreds of very expensive failed attempts.

In this complimentary webinar Customer Management IQ and Enkata address:
- How to analyze current First Contact Resolution methods
- A comparison of First Contact Resolution measurement methods
- How an analytics-based First Contact Resolution solutions works
- A product review of an analytics-based First Contact Resolution solution

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This webinar is presented by Mike Allen, Practice Leader, Contact Center Research and Blake Landau, Editor, Customer Management IQ.

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