ACOM Health Announces Rebate Program on Purchases of RAPID Chiropractic Software Suite

March 31, 2010 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News
LONG BEACH, California, March 31, 2010 ACOM Health has allocated $100,000.00 to fund a rebate program for purchases of its RAPID documentation and practice management software, it was announced today by Sam Mikhail, vice president of sales.

Mikhail noted, "This program is our way of lending a helping hand to chiropractors looking to make an investment into their practices and help them bring the latest technologies to streamline their operations. You can call it the ACOM Health mini "Stimulus Package". The rebate amount is $1,200 and is limited to one rebate per practice and applies to purchases made after April 1st, 2010. To qualify, doctors will need to complete a cash purchase of the RAPID Software Suite along with ACOM Health's unique "Go Live, Stay Live" implementation package."

The RAPID Chiropractic Software Suite offers a proven solution for streamlining clinical operations, generating audit and denial resistant documentation and expediting patient management, billing and collection. The "Go Live, Stay Live" implementation service assures that the software will be ready for full operation from Day One, and the Software Assurance program maintains the software with regular updates so that it runs at optimum performance as well as incorporates new functional advances as they are released.

The rebate program will remain in effect until the $100,000.00 allocation is completely used, Mikhail said, noting that, beyond the $1,200.00 rebate, doctors universally find that RAPID software solutions pay for themselves through better billing and collection practices and streamlined financial and administrative practices.

"The benefits and advantages are clearly visible and we offer the rebate as yet another way to support the chiropractic profession," he said. "Moreover, ACOM Health guarantees certification of its software so that doctors purchasing the RAPID Software Suite also qualify for the 2009 ARRA EHR Stimulus Plan bonuses of up to $44,000 scheduled to commence in January 2011.

About ACOM Health Division
ACOM Health serves chiropractors with software and services that enhance efficiency, cut costs, and increase practice revenue. ACOM Health's RAPID Chiropractic Software Suite consists of Clinical Documentation and Notes; Patient Education; Home Exercises; and Chiropractic Practice Management for billing, scheduling, patient management and detailed reporting. ACOM Health's Chiropractic Services team helps practices ethically and legally maximize their billings and collections, while streamlining practice operations. For more information, call 866-286-5315 ext. 217, email, or visit