FireWolf Introduces Rapid Relief Business Incentive, Funded Through A Private Financial Stimulus Donation

March 31, 2010 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Atlanta, GA March 31, 2010 FireWolf, Inc. ( today announced a Rapid Relief Business Incentive for companies who have been affected by the turbulent economy. FireWolf's Rapid Relief Business Incentive enables these companies to bolster their market and product introductions, and receive special pricing for websites with a $2,000 stipend that reduces the cost of an average business website by approximately 80%. The program is limited to 500 small businesses. Applicants for the stipend will be selected from criteria that includes a demonstration of readiness and revenue increase potential.

According to the Brookings Institution, "More than two years after the Great Recession began, the nation is in the midst of a slow and fragile - but jobless - economic recovery. Some economic indicators seem to suggest that robust economic growth will soon resume, while others point toward a "double-dip" recession and still others indicate little change in the economic situation. Even if recent modest job losses prefigure a return to new hiring, the kinds of large, sustained job gains that would be needed to bring the unemployment rate down seem unlikely in the near future. Overall, the economic indicators for the nation's 100 largest metropolitan areas reinforce the national story of a weak, tentative, and jobless recovery."

Industry analysts believe the current economic challenge can only be met by making important changes in the way companies and organizations manage their business. FireWolf has proven that redefining market and brand presence through a global online Web presence helps re-engineer the selling environment. And in doing so, companies are able to expand their markets and increase market share through more successful marketing awareness and penetration.

Brandon Miltsch, Managing Partner and Vice President of FireWolf, said, "The consequences of this terrible economy have been far reaching. The unprecedented need to cut back and conserve dollars has affected businesses across the country. For many businesses, marketing tactics have been dramatically slashed. FireWolf understands the difficult situation that many businesses may find themselves in."

Miltsch added, "As a result, FireWolf is offering special pricing incentive for businesses in this unfortunate situation. A private financial stimulus donation of $1.0 million has been earmarked to FireWolf by a benefactor who firmly believes that small businesses can create new markets and new revenues through a global web presence. The donation will be applied to 500 small businesses by granting a $2,000 discount stipend to each business for a new website. That reduces the cost of an average business website by approximately 80% and enables most small businesses to go online with a highly professional and custom-created website that attracts global markets for a nominal $499 initial cost."

About FireWolf.
Over twenty years ago, the founding members of FireWolf ignited a revolution in marketing when they launched integrated marketing communications. Their work built a bridge between advertising and marketing communications - from the memorable Kodak Bill Cosby Colorwatch campaign and Xerox Brother Dominic ads, to earth-shattering technology campaigns for Harris, NEC, EarthWeb and NTT. Today, FireWolf is enabling businesses and organizations to create life experiences and 24 by 7 marketing engines in every form of marketing and digital media from interactive websites to strategic branding and marketing solutions.
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