Resistance is Not Futile: There are Humane Methods of Self-protection

September 17, 2005 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
ROBBINSDALE, Minn. – Innocent victims are faced with confrontational crimes of violence every day, and the old assumption that resistance to the crime is futile has now been proven to be false.

In a unique partnership, a gun shop and a martial arts instructor have teamed up to provide a self-protection training class for the public. The class teaches simple methods of “humane self-defense” without the use of any type of weapon.

“Protecting yourself or a loved one from violence is imperative in today’s environment. Using only the appropriate level of force is the law. Doing no more harm than absolutely necessary is what we mean by ‘humane self-defense,’” explained Scot Combs of Full Circle Self Defense.

It has been a common belief that it is better to offer no resistance to attackers, but now a study from the Florida State Univ. department of criminology indicates the opposite. The study found that people who use self-protection strategies reduce their likelihood of injury when compared to those who use non-resistance.

The Tactics Training Center at Bill’s Gun Shop and Range has teamed up with Combs and Full Circle Self Defense of Blaine, Minn. to offer the public an opportunity to learn how simple it is to take protective action when confronted with acts of violence.

“People have no trouble locking their homes and cars, or installing alarm systems as a form of self-protection. They also need to know the right way to respond to a personal attack,” said Combs. “It is imperative that they neither over-respond or under-respond.”

The course is open to the public and provides specific training in the methods of humane self-defense, which does not involve the use of any type of weapons. Participants are taught to use non-lethal techniques. The methods are easy to learn, practice, and put into use if needed.

“The use of deadly force is an absolute last resort. The legally armed citizen must have the ability to use less than lethal force, should the situation warrant it. The ‘humane self-defense’ seminars provide realistic training in viable options for conflict resolution. Everyone should have these excellent tools for personal protection,” said Leonard M. Breure, PhD, training coordinator for the Tactics Training Center.

The course focuses on simple, effective, humane methods of personal protection. These are proven techniques that anyone can master. There is a special emphasis on methods of avoidance and escape. The topics of awareness, victim profiles, attacker profiles, the law and liability are fully discussed and explained.

Classes are held Tuesdays from 6 to 9 p.m. at Bill’s Gun Shop, 4080 West Broadway Ave. N., Robbinsdale. Registration in advance is recommended because class size is limited. Call 763-533-9594 for information and registration.

Scot Combs

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