Insurance Denial Lawyer, V.L. Thompson is Noticing a Trend

April 01, 2010 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Houston, Texas April 1, 2010 Insurance Denial Lawyer, V.L. Thompson is noticing a trend with Insurance companies wrongfully denying claims. With our economic climate almost every business has been forced to cut corners.

Because of this, many insurance companies are trying to save dollars by wrongfully denying insurance claims by people who have paid insurance premiums for years, claims that should be covered yet are denied based on some flimsy excuse or technicality.

Good people who are in this "bad faith" insurance situation are being encouraged to fight for their rights by hiring a lawyer who understands insurance and the complex issues pertaining to denied claims. V.L. Thompson, from the Texas-based law firm V.L. Thompson and Associates, says, "insurance companies underestimated the cost of covering insurance losses of their insureds, instead spending more money on executive bonuses.

This combined with the falling investment market left many company without enough money to cover legitimate insurance claims. To save money and boost profits, these insurance companies are wrongfully denying claims, delaying the claim process, or otherwise making it virtually impossible for hardworking people to receive their money…just when they need it the most."

V.L. Thompson recommends that individuals find an attorney experienced in insurance litigation that can analyze their insurance policy, determine if they have a case, and bring the case all the way to trial if necessary. "Insurance policies can be confusing. A legal professional can cut through the red tape and fight to get you the compensation you deserve."

Consumer watchdogs are predicting these types of bad faith claim problems will only get worse as insurance policies are written with more and more technical terms and exclusions. "The most important thing for policyholders to remember," adds V.L. Thompson "is that they don't have to take no for an answer. "

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About V.L. Thompson and Associates
V.L. Thompson and Associates is a leading law firm specializing in breach of contract and denied insurance claims. The Texas-based firm has handled all types of complex insurance claims and lawsuits including issues with life insurance denials, medical insurance denials, long-term care denials and homeowner insurance denials.