A Social Media Success Story – The Bit Rebels Team Builds A Strong Following and Beats The Odds Using Twitter and Facebook

April 05, 2010 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
Richard Darell is excited. Known as the founder and developer of BitRebels.com, Richard and his team of talented writers and social media enthusiasts have, in nine short months, gone from zero to over one million readers each month all thanks to their strategic use of social media.

Mr. Darell said, "Social media is becoming more and more a part of our everyday lives. Using it to build a business can be tricky, but we've been fortunate to learn early on what is acceptable and what isn't. Thanks to our readers who come back to visit us often, we are now expanding the Rebels network to include InkRebels.com, RasterRebels.com and a few more websites that are in the pipeline."

Richard Darell, a cutting edge leader in the web design/development community, is most widely known for Minervity.com, a go-to site for web design tutorials and creative inspiration. He offered some insight as to how the idea for Bit Rebels was conceived:

"The initial idea for Bit Rebels came to me while spending too much time reading articles on the newspaper websites where half of the articles where just real estate filling. I started thinking about how much time I would save if the articles were more efficient and more factual. Why not have a website where readers and visitors could easily and in bite sized articles read about exciting announcements, ideas and future related news within technology, design and geek related topics. Bit Rebels was born."

The Bit Rebels team has designed a powerful combination of marketing strategies utilizing many different social media outlets; however, they seem to favor Twitter and Facebook. Richard explained, "The Twitter and Facebook communities have been very supportive and good to us. We have many friends there that we have grown close to."

When Mr. Darell was asked how long he thinks this success will last, his answer surprised me. "We have a lot of momentum going now, and things are really fun. That is a motto we have at Bit Rebels, it's all about fun. We will keep working hard to provide the kind of articles that our readers have come to expect from us. And, we will do it until it's no longer fun. But, right now, I can say we are far away from that point. We are having a blast."

To learn more about the Rebels Network including specific stats and advertising information, visit http://www.bitrebels.com or contact Diana Adams in Atlanta, Georgia at (404) 428-8245. Connect with Bit Rebels on Twitter: @BitRebels and Facebook: BitRebels.