Rodeo Drive Plastic Surgery Center Offers Free Liposuction

April 19, 2010 (PRLEAP.COM) Lifestyle News
Summertime in Southern California is serious business, complete with women in teeny-weeny bikinis and men shirtless on the the beach. Rodeo Drive Plastic Surgery, located on the famous street, is doing its part to help people get ready for summer by offering a "Rodeo Drive Summer Tune-Up Special" that includes free liposuction with any other procedure booked.

Medical Director Dr. Lloyd Krieger notes that the idea came from patients. "Frequently when people came for one procedure, they wanted to add on some liposuction. This happened so many times when we did breast augmentation, tummy tucks, and rhinoplasty that we decided to start bundling liposuction with other procedures. This creates convenience. There need only be one day for procedures and allows a single recovery period. To make the process even easier we are offering the liposuction to one body area free of charge whenever people do surgery with us.". The offer applies to paid cosmetic surgery only and not to insurance procedures.

Popular body areas for liposuction include the abdomen, chest, and "love handles" in men. Many women treat the abdomen, inner thighs, outer thighs, knees, "bra roll", and the "saddle bags." Both men and women often improve their facial appearance dramatically with the "Rodeo Drive Chin Rejuvenation" procedure, which uses liposuction to reshape the chin and neck. "Our chin rejuvenation procedure is fast, safe, and has little recovery. With limited downtime it can provide dramatic enhancements to facial appearance," notes Dr. Krieger.

Dr. Krieger's techniques are minimally invasive and done as an outpatient. "People go home the same day and are usually back at work in just a few days or even the next day. Most people tell us the process has very little discomfort because we use local anesthetic with our technique," Dr. Krieger explains.

If someone is already having liposuction, Rodeo Drive will do one additional area free of charge. For those who do not need or desire liposuction, the offer can be used for a treatment with Botox® Cosmetic to reduce wrinkles in one area, including the forehead, above the nose, or crow's feet. Either way, the program offers people the chance to take an additional step toward looking and feeling their best as summer draws near.

Dr. Krieger notes that the Summer Tune-Up Special is timely for reasons even beyond the season. "Over the last couple of years, with the poor economy, people had to think long and hard before investing in elective cosmetic procedures. Now things are beginning to improve nationally, and we certainly are seeing that here for all procedures including tummy tuck. But everyone still needs to make these sorts of decisions carefully. To help people feel better about making this investment in themselves, we are pleased to offer what amounts to a very substantial discount."

Rodeo Drive Plastic Surgery and Medical Director Dr. Lloyd Krieger have been featured in the local, national, and international media. Recent stories and articles have appeared in Fortune, The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, The New York Times, CNBC and Access Hollywood. International media have featured the center, including from such countries as Great Britain, France, Switzerland, Austria, Denmark, Sweden, Russia, Turkey, Mexico, Brazil, Japan, and New Zealand.

The plastic surgery center attracts clientele from around the country and world, with more than a quarter of its patients coming from out of state and more than ten percent traveling from out of the country. The travel website iExplore recently named the center the world's number one destination for plastic surgery travel.

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