Philadelphia Periodontics Expert Lists the top Five Benefits of LANAP

April 07, 2010 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News
PHILADELPHIA, PA As a result of his use of the laser-assisted new attachment procedure, commonly referred to as LANAP, Philadelphia Periodontics expert Dr. David DiGiallorenzo has identified what he considers to be the top five benefits of LANAP over traditional periodontal treatment.

DiGiallorenzo, who also is a Philadelphia dental implants specialist, has used LANAP in his practice since early 2009.
The benefits of LANAP that he has identified are as follows:

Less Invasive
LANAP was developed by Dr. Robert H. Gregg and offers an alternative to treating gum disease with traditional scalpel and suture surgery. After a patient has been diagnosed with gum disease, the LANAP is used to gently pass between the gum line and the teeth to vaporize disease and leave healthy tissue in its place. LANAP uses a fiberoptic that is equivalent in size to about three human hairs. The process uses ultrasonic root debridement to clean root surfaces, followed by a different laser setting to clot the blood so the periodontist gets a good seal, thus eliminating the need to use sutures.

"That means no cutting, no stitches and very minimal tissue removal to reduce pocket depth," Philadelphia Periodontics expert DiGiallorenzo said. "This is a bone-building procedure that doesn't require removing much gum tissue."

Quicker Recovery
Because of the less invasive nature of LANAP, recovery time is reduced and most patients who have the procedure performed at DiGiallorenzo's
Philadelphia periodontist practice require no time off work or other activities. Patients recovering from the procedure also experience less bleeding, fewer infections and quicker post-op time, he said.

Less Pain
A less invasive procedure also equates to less pain during treatment. Cutting into the gums requires administering a local anesthetic so that the doctor can peel back the gums and remove the plaque buildup from the teeth. The small laser makes it easier to get in between the gum and the teeth to accomplish the same thing, DiGiallorenzo said.

Eliminates Bacteria
LANAP removes the infection that coincides with gum disease.

Less Expensive
It seems there seldom is a time when a preferable procedure is cheaper than the traditional option, but that isn't the case with LANAP, when patients consider the fact that they don't have to spend as much time in the dental chair, said Gregg, the laser periodontal therapy developer.

Learn More
If you would like to learn more about LANAP or you would like to schedule a free consultation one of the Philadelphia periodontists in DiGiallorenzo's practice to determine if you are a candidate for non-surgical treatment, please call (610) 409-6064 in Collegeville; (570) 322-4741 in Williamsport; or
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