Celebrate Buddha's birthday in Bali - AsiaRooms.com

April 11, 2010 (PRLEAP.COM) Travel News
AsiaRooms.com highlights people who seek out culture during holidays abroad may be intrigued by the celebrations taking place in Bali to mark Buddha's birthday.

Those who have booked hotels in Bali at the end of May will be perfectly placed to see some of the religious ceremonies and festivities that take place around this auspicious date.

On May 28th, Buddhists all over Indonesia will pay tribute to the religion's founder and celebrate Hari Raya Waisak, as Buddha's birthday is known in the country.

All of the festivities are usually timed to coincide with the first full moon in May, which means that the date of this event can vary from year to year.

On this day, monks perform ceremonies to commemorate the birth and death of Boddhisatva, as well as the time that he gained the highest wisdom, which led him to become Buddha.

Visitors to any of the Buddhist temples on the island will also be offered food and drinks which have been freshly prepared for anyone who wants to pay their respects to the deity.

The celebrations are characterised by carrying out selfless deeds and activities in order to bring happiness and joy not only to yourself, but also to others.

On the following day, many of the monks will take part in processions which travel from one temple to another.