A "Return to Origin" for Kangen Water® Distributors

April 15, 2010 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News
In March of 2010, Enagic hosted over 20 of its top distributors on an all-expense paid visit to beautiful Okinawa, Japan. The leaders were flown from all parts of the United States to Okinawa where they toured the birthplace of Enagic and learned about the fundamental roots of the firm.

Enagic is the producer of the highest-quality water ionizers on the market, which create pure, alkaline Kangen Water®. "Kangen" means "return to origin" in Japanese, so it was fitting that the U.S. distributors should have the opportunity to see where the company began.

Okinawa is where the founder, Mr. Hironari Ohshiro, was first inspired to expand Enagic beyond the confines of his own small, home island. Having captured the ionizer market aggressively in the 1970's, Mr. Ohshiro first ventured to Tokyo and Osaka, bringing Kangen Water® to the mainland of Japan. In only a few years, hundreds of thousands of households, restaurants, clinics and even hospitals embraced the healthy benefits of alkaline water.

Mr. Ohshiro's pioneering vision was instrumental in bringing Kangen Water® to the United States, beginning with Los Angeles, California where he recognized and capitalized on the strong health culture. The success of his California office led to satellite offices in NY, Chicago, Honolulu and Dallas. Canada, Taiwan and Hong Kong also revealed the intense demand for Kangen Water®. In due time, the European Union market was opened through its Düsseldorf office and the Mexico market was opened through the Monterrey office. In 2010, the firm plans expansion in Australia, the Philippines and Italy.

To properly understand the future of Enagic, it was critical that the leading distributors understand the deep historical impact Mr. Ohshiro's journey has provided. Once on the shores of Okinawa, they were invited to attend special cultural events, see the original home that the founder grew up in, and tour the surrounding countryside.

The leaders also traveled to Osaka where they were given private access to the Enagic factory and witnessed the highest quality standards exhibited on a daily basis. A cultural tour of traditional Kyoto followed, and the whirlwind trip concluded in Tokyo.

As the founder explained, "To know my own island is to know why we perform the mission we perform. The essential aspect of Enagic is one of providing for others. Whether we provide good Kangen Water® for their health, a tremendous business opportunity to alleviate their worries amidst this troubled economy, or even the peace of mind that comes with truly actualizing their true health, we are carrying out our mission."

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