AM PM Appliance Repairman Publishes Series of Dishwasher Repair Tips

April 20, 2010 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
Los Angeles / April 20, 2010 - AM PM Appliance Repair, located in San Fernando Valley and LA County, today shared a series of tips to find, repair and potentially avoid most simple malfunctions of common home appliances. Many repair calls can be avoided if customers follow some very basic instructions.

One of the most used and abused major kitchen appliances is the dishwasher. The door is operated dozens of times a day. It is used at least once every day. Very few large appliances are subjected to this constant strain on moving parts. There are three major problem areas that can often be corrected by anyone comfortable with the use of small hand tools and some time.

The primary sources of a malfunctioning dishwasher:

-Power A dishwasher won't run without it. Even if there is power apparently present, it may still be an issue.

-Hot Water Supply A dishwasher is connected only to the hot water line. Simply because you may have running cold water is no assurance the dishwasher is getting the water it needs to run.

-Drainage This includes both the water pump and waste water pipe issues.

Power gets to the washer via a plug or may be directly connected to the circuit breaker or fuse box. Many more modern machines have microprocessor or computer controls that are sensitive to power fluctuations. In California, rolling blackouts or brownouts can put your dishwasher in an electronic limbo. This is an easy thing to check. Ensure the plug if any is fully seated in its socket, if you can get to it easily. If not, try tripping the circuit breaker that powers the dishwasher off. Count to ten and then reset it. This will force the processor to reboot. If an error code is indicated on the front panel, then call us, your best choice for Los Angeles dishwasher repair. We can verify the error code and have the correct part with the AM PM Appliance Repair technician to take care of the problem on-premises.

For hot water supply problems, verify you have hot water at the kitchen sink. The dishwasher will not run without hot water available. If you don't have hot water, check your water heater or tankless heater and ensure they have power and gas for gas appliances. Check the pilot or ignition system by turning on a hot water tap and ensure the heater is functioning. Try another gas appliance, such as a range, and verify you have gas flowing. If everything appears normal, you may have a broken pre-heater. Call us, your local Los Angeles dishwasher repair contact and we can verify the error code or send out a technician to repair or replace a defective unit.

Drainage issues are usually caused by debris blockages in the drain impeller or a clogged waste water line. The dishwasher generally shares the same pipe as the sink and garbage disposal unit. If you have drainage problems with your sink, then the same issues will affect the dishwasher. Most dishwasher water pump failures occur because of blockage caused by too much food remaining on the dishes prior to washing. While pre-washing your plates isn't necessary, dishes should be scraped prior to loading. This will help prevent future problems, but if the drainage motor, pump or impeller are already broken, they will need to be replaced. This can be a messy job but AM PM Appliance Repair trucks are equipped with the proper tools and repair parts to neatly and cleanly repair your machine.

Other common dishwasher problems that you may be able to fix yourself include adjustment of the door latch, hinges, and gasket maintenance. The latch gets used dozens of times a day, it is not unusual for it to get loose. The same with the door hinges. Gaskets should be kept soft and pliable. Every couple of months, treat the gasket with a very thin coat of vegetable oil. Apply about a teaspoon of oil with a paper towel. Just enough oil to leave a slight shine to the gasket is plenty. The gasket should be pliable, resilient and make a good seal with the face of the machine. If the gasket is hardened, brittle, shows hairline cracks or breaks, it must be replaced. As gaskets vary depending on the machine, call us. We have the correct replacement appliance repair parts on hand and can install it quickly and neatly.

AM PM Appliance Repair has a long history of servicing major appliances throughout the Greater Los Angeles area. As our name says, we service Los Angeles appliance repair calls day or night, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We can schedule a repair or replacement that suits your schedule or be ready to roll on an emergency call anytime. Routine calls are handled on the same day the order is received. We are your "one call solves it all" appliance repair Los Angeles headquarters.

Every repair we make and every part we install is warranted for five years. We have a 16 year record of servicing both residential and commercial customers. We have an outstanding reputation for providing fast, professional, courteous and friendly service. Our well-trained technicians are certified and bonded to ensure you have complete peace of mind knowing your appliance investment receives the utmost care and considerate attention.

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