Celebrate the Royal Ploughing Ceremony in Phuket - AsiaRooms.com

April 23, 2010 (PRLEAP.COM) Travel News
AsiaRooms.com can reveal that anyone who is staying in Phuket hotels next month will find that for at least one day of their stay, there will be plenty of festivities to keep them occupied.

This is because on May 13th, the country will have a national holiday to celebrate the Royal Ploughing Ceremony.

It is performed each year to welcome in the new planting season and is said to bring good luck to farmers around the nation.

There is also a rice grain blessing ceremony on the same day to bring prosperity to the farmers of the land.

Although the ritual is performed outside the Grand Palace in Bangkok, celebrations take place all over Thailand.

The date, which varies each year, is also used to mark National Agricultural Day and allows farmers to take place in the ceremony if they choose.

People who are staying in Thailand hotels may decide to leave the beaches of Phuket for the day in order to witness the ceremony in Bangkok.

Alternatively, tourists can use the opportunity to seek out local celebrations and be part of a smaller event.

Processions held as part of the event are usually accompanied by traditional music called Bot Kim, while sacred oxen are used to predict the harvest for the year.