A Social Network With Different Ideologies Of People

May 07, 2010 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
Marina Del Rey, CA May 7, 2010 — The Internet is already flooded with quite a few social networks, most of which focus on informal fun, entertainment and business prospective. WorldyPeople.com is the new addition in the list of social networks, which claims to be different. This social network is created with the purpose of involving different ideologies of people who are willing to learn from every facet of life. The network is proving to be a big platform for the smart people that are always looking for new learning opportunities by sharing and exploring new ideas. Worldly people are interested to learn things from other people and also share their knowledge with others.

The website is launched recently, and it has already generated a lot of buzz. People are exploring various offerings of the social network that includes informative blogs, forum, polls, videos, events, music, photos and a lot more. Only difference is that such a huge platform is not just meant to be used for talking about a hot dress or a celebrity getting into a new controversy. It is rather about finding one's true self and realizing own values in life. It takes whole life for a person to realize his/her true worth and it is possible only by exploring new horizons of knowledge and information. WorldlyPeople.com is providing that opportunity in a big way.

This social network is the brainchild of Charles Yarbrough, who is presently the president of dwhs (http://www.dwhs.net/), a domain web hosting service company. The launch of this social networking site is backed by $200,000 US and the owners and it is presently seeking an additional funding of 10 million. As of now, this cutting-edge social network has been made a paid website. The profile of Charles Yarbrough can be visited at http://www.charlesyarbrough.com.

WorldlyPeople.com is inviting people all over the world to learn about new places, people and culture. It is fun as well as enriching. Those who love to travel different parts of the world, can use the website a perfect platform to explore new places. They can make friends with people based in a place where they want to travel and get vital information. The site has included several top-notch social networking tools such as interesting videos, photos and blogs that describe varied information about different parts of the world. The users can also upload similar videos, blogs and photos to the social network that can be visited by several others.

The site is mainly targeted at the big minded people, open minded people, smart educated people, and travelers, and it's getting a great response from it's niche.
It is quite simple to become a part of this growing community called WorldlyPeople. The users are just required to sign up and create their profiles that can be viewed by thousands of people online. Out of that, there will be hundreds of like minded people with whom they can exchange thoughts, knowledge and information. Using this network is enlightening and it excels in its performance, privacy and security.

For more information about the social network, visit: http://www.worldlypeople.com
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For more information about Charles Yarbrough, visit: www.charlesyarbrough.com
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