Sanctuary of the Mind: An Integrated Approach to Psychic Reading is the latest in Psychic Development.

May 10, 2010 (PRLEAP.COM) Education News
Rhiannon Paille, a world renowned Metaphysical Therapist from Canada has discovered the formula for brilliant psychic readings. That formula is the focus of her book, "Sanctuary of the Mind: An Integrated Approach to Psychic Reading". As a leading Metaphysician she has helped hundreds of people find their way to clarity through her methods of work. She is by far a "Psychic" that is above the standard, and she owes her success to the simple approach she found four years ago.

With a need for standardization in the Metaphysical Community, Paille has risen to the challenge and created a comprehensive guide for those looking at Metaphysics from an educational perspective.

"Integrated Psychic Reading is a process that breaks down the elements of psychic reading to their small parts and puts them into perspective. The student is taught not only how to awaken their intuition, but what their intuition can accomplish in the real world, how to use it to help people. " Rhiannon Paille.

The book is divided into three parts which train the student on an inner level, an outer level and then combines the inner and outer to create coherence and structure. Along with the lessons in the book, Rhiannon Paille is candid about her life experiences, both good and bad, that have shaped her lessons and her perspectives on Psychic Reading.

"This book is no holds barred. Rhiannon isn't afraid to talk about things like negative feedback, mistakes, or embarrassing situations. She lays it all out there for the reader to truly understand what it means to be a Psychic Reader." Kimberly Grahn, Pennsylvania.

Available now through, Sanctuary of the Mind: An Integrated Approach to Psychic Reading is a must have for anyone on the path to spiritual awakening.