Watch and Learn Math Videos Prepare Students for the SAT

September 20, 2005 (PRLEAP.COM) Education News
Math Advantage, the leading provider of math enrichment and test prep classes, today announced SAT Math Pro ( a free, interactive video program designed to help schools and students around the country successfully prepare for the math component of the new SAT.

More than 1.4 million high school students worldwide take the SAT annually; however, estimates show that less than half of all secondary schools offer programs that adequately prepare students for the SAT. Access to preparation programs is more critical than ever given the College Board's recently launched new SAT. The revised test contains more advanced math concepts, typically found in Algebra II texts, such as function notation, exponential growth and absolute value. For students who were already apprehensive about the SAT math component, the revised SAT can seem a bit daunting.

“We are finding that even very bright students are unfamiliar with many of the math concepts on the new SAT and need outside help to fill in the gaps. But, unfortunately, not all students have access to test prep centers and private tutors and that just doesn’t seem very fair,” said Thomas J Whelan, CEO of Math Advantage. “We hope to level the playing field by sharing our successful teaching methods online with students throughout the country.”

Watch. You’ll Learn

Each SAT practice set provides five interactive questions related to a specific math topic. Students are given immediate feedback and the opportunity to view a step by step solution. The “watch and learn” videos are engaging mini-lectures in the voice of math teacher and test prep instructor, Colleen King, who created the program. After viewing the tutorial, students are given a follow up question designed to reinforce concepts and strategies.

“Students have access to a professional math instructor on demand," said Ms. King. “The math problems are presented in a way that engage students whether they are struggling with math or doing very well in school. It's highly effective math instruction that students can control, pause and repeat as many times as needed."

About Math Advantage

Headquartered in Wellesley, Massachusetts, Math Advantage provides math enrichment, test prep and online math activities for K - 12 students.

Contact: Tom Whelan, CEO of Math Advantage, 1-781-237-0899 for more information about SAT Math Pro.