Guitar Players Save Time, Money And Frustration By Learning How To Find The Best Guitar Teacher

May 14, 2010 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
After teaching over 50,000 music lessons to over 1000 guitar students, and mentoring guitar teachers all over the world on how to teach guitar effectively, Tom Hess releases a free e-guide to help guitar students find the best guitar teacher for them.

Most guitar students looking for a guitar teacher rely on the hit or miss approach of signing up for lessons with the first available teacher they find who is convenient and affordable, on the assumption that all guitar teachers teach in the same way. Given that reality, it is not surprising that many people become disappointed and frustrated with their experience of taking guitar lessons.

"For the most part, guitar students have no idea how to tell if a prospective teacher is going to be a good match for working with them," says Tom Hess. "Guitar teachers aren't licensed like accountants or doctors to work in their field and there is no Better Business Bureau for guitar teachers. Because of this, more often than not, students who try guitar lessons for the first time end up with a mediocre teacher, quit lessons in frustration shortly after, and continue to perpetuate the myth that guitar lessons are ineffective."

A general music degree from an elite music school doesn't necessarily make its recipient a superior guitar teacher to someone without a music degree, unless, as a rare exception, that certification is specific to guitar pedagogy. Because there are no clear academic credentials that set guitar teachers apart from each other, anybody who has been playing for a while and has decent skills as a guitarist can put forth the claim of being a good teacher.

To help guitar students avoid wasting time and money on mediocre guitar teachers, Hess created a free online special report that allows guitar students to make educated choices when it comes to searching for the most appropriate guitar instructor for their needs.

Hess says, "After becoming a guitar teacher myself and also training many other guitar teachers how to teach, I have narrowed down a specific list of criteria and targeted questions that can be used by guitar students to find the right teacher for themselves, much like an employer interviews a potential candidate for a job position."

Knowing what to look for in a guitar teacher will help to make the learning experience much more fulfilling, much like it is important to be sure that one is hiring a qualified doctor, accountant or car mechanic to do a job.

Hess' free special report on how to choose a guitar teacher is available at