SBS Migration IT Pro Conference New Orleans, USA May 28: Linus Chang addresses optimization and how to use products like BackupAssistTM to help increase profits.

May 15, 2010 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
Melbourne, Australia - May 15, 2010 - The SBS Migration IT Pro Conference in New Orleans, USA starting on May 28 focuses on Optimization: Get a Better Reality. It is a prime example of the industry rising up to support its members with effective solutions at a time when the entire industry is facing a particularly difficult challenge.

Times are tough for all businesses in today's economic climate but particularly for I.T. Professionals relying on companies with frozen budgets to create their bottom line. Their role has suddenly changed from sourcing new technology and designing systems to support a company's information growth, to one where maximizing existing assets and finding new economies is of paramount importance.

"Optimization has never been quite this necessary in the past" says Linus Chang, CEO of Cortex I.T. and lead developer of its flagship product BackupAssist. "The new technology itself provided efficiencies, so the expenditure of purchasing it was justified. But now, companies all around the world have experienced massive budget cuts - they now have to meet the growing I.T. needs of their businesses with a lot less funds. That means I.T. Professionals have to change their way of thinking."

"BackupAssist is a fantastic product for any business looking for ways to maximize existing investments in Windows products. It is very cost-effective because it utilizes the technology they've already paid for in Windows. It also has built-in features that help I.T. Consultants service more clients, more professionally with greater profitability. It is a great fit with the optimization theme of this conference" Linus adds.

BackupAssist was originally designed to achieve savings, simplicity and ease of use for SMBs establishing world's-best practice backup strategies. Many SMBs found that more recognized backup software brands were just too complicated and came with a huge price tag that didn't make sense. BackupAssist is also designed in such a way that businesses can integrate new technology and backup strategies with existing systems to make it easier for SMBs to grow.

Today BackupAssist is used by all kinds of companies in over 93 countries on more than 50,000 Windows Servers. "Its benefits in facilitating optimization strategies is no accident…optimization has always been very important to SMBs" says Linus. "BackupAssist is a tried and true product that is already set-up to help with the challenge of optimization… its application potential has simply widened now the necessity of implementing optimization strategies has become more universal."

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