AMP Alarm, LLC Responds to Minnesota Attorney General

May 16, 2010 (PRLEAP.COM) Lifestyle News
AMP Alarm, an Orem, Utah-based alarm company, categorically denies the allegations filed today by the Minnesota Attorney General. AMP Alarm has always worked promptly and in good faith to respond to all customer inquiries to resolve any concern.

The Minnesota Attorney General's lawsuit refers to five unidentified AMP customers out of nearly 5,000 Minnesota customers, or 1 in 1,000 customers. Despite AMP Alarm's repeated and specific request since last fall to the Minnesota Attorney General's office, the Attorney General provided names of only two customers who had concerns about their alarm services contracts. In response to that contact last year, AMP Alarm immediately and successfully resolved the complaints of those two customers. Other than those two customers, the Minnesota Attorney General has never provided any other written complaints from any other customer nor has it previously provided any other information to AMP Alarm concerning its allegations against AMP Alarm prior to filing its lawsuit.

When first contacted by the Minnesota Attorney General last fall, AMP Alarm promptly responded to the Attorney General by also providing more than 1,000 pages of documents including transcripts of recorded phone conversations with numerous AMP Alarm customers. Those documents clearly establish that before any alarm system was purchased or installed, customers were well-informed of the contract terms, the alarm system's operation and monthly monitoring fees.

Specifically, all AMP Alarm customers are repeatedly well-informed of the alarm monitoring services the customers are purchasing, the length and costs of the contract and other pertinent information concerning the alarm services. Indeed, with its customers' permission, in all sales AMP Alarm twice conducts and records customer telephone conversations following the sale of an alarm system to prevent the very situations addressed by the Minnesota Attorney General.

Before, during, and after each sale of an alarm system, there are at least four (4) separate opportunities for the customer to discuss and understand the contract and alarm monitoring services provided by AMP Alarm. The first is with an AMP Alarm sales representative, the second with an installation technician, followed by two recorded telephone calls with customer service to review and discuss the contract terms and alarm services. During each of these three separate discussions, the sales representative, alarm technician and customer service representatives explain and discuss the contract terms, the alarm monitoring services and monthly fee. The customer may also ask questions and obtain answers concerning the contract terms and monitoring services and discuss the function and operation of the alarm monitoring system. AMP Alarm also maintains a toll-free customer service telephone line to respond to customer inquiries and questions. Customer service representatives actively and promptly respond to customer inquiries to ensure that customers fully benefit from the 24-hour monitoring services provided by AMP Alarm. AMP also works with its customers who experience financial problems or health issues to resolve any particular concerns or situations.

Additionally, every customer has an unconditional, three (3) day right to cancel the alarm services contract for any reason or for no reason. In AMP Alarm's contract, immediately above the signature line, the right to cancel is printed in all capital letters in bold 10-point font. The notice to cancel and attached separate form to cancel the contract complies with both Federal and state law.

AMP Alarm has never targeted the elderly or any other particular demographic in marketing. The average age of an AMP Alarm customer in Minnesota is 52 and the average for all AMP Alarm customers is 51. AMP Alarm sales representatives sell across the nation in residential neighborhoods without demographic information concerning the age (or any other identifying information) of any homeowner or potential customer. AMP Alarm markets its alarm systems and monitoring service to homeowners who need and want 24-hour alarm monitoring protection. All homeowners, irrespective of age, are vulnerable to fire, assault and burglary and ever increasing threats to life and property.

AMP Alarm categorically denies the unfounded allegations made by the Minnesota Attorney General and will vigorously defend against those accusations as it continues to provide 24-hour state-of-the art monitoring systems to its customers through the United States.