Mr. Ticket Advises on How to Beat a Red Light Ticket in California

May 19, 2010 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
LOS ANGELES, California (May 19, 2010) Southern California motorists facing red light violation charges are discovering that with the help of the law offices of Amir Soleimanian and Associates, they can fight and completely beat a red light ticket. Amir Soleimanian, who's earned the nickname "Mr. Ticket", is a respected traffic ticket lawyer in Los Angeles with one of the highest rates of success for having charges reduced or else totally dismissed.

Don't Try to Represent Yourself

Escaping the consequences of a red light ticket is a tricky process in California, and it's even harder if someone unfamiliar with California traffic law tries to represent themselves. With cameras installed at many intersections, a police officer doesn't even need to be present for a motorist to get a ticket. However, the photos and videos taken by an intersection camera are not infallible, and are still reviewed by a human being before it's determined that a red light ticket has been earned.

Even if a video camera caught you running a red light, you can fight a red light ticket. The cameras themselves are not always reliable; between computer glitches and clerical errors, both machines and the humans running the machines can make mistakes.

You need someone like Amir Soleimanian Los Angeles Traffic Ticket Lawyer to fight the system for you and help you beat your red light ticket or beat a speeding ticket. Amir Soleimanian has a great deal of experience in traffic law, and knows the judges and prosecutors within the local traffic courts. He knows where the loopholes in the law lie, and even if he can't get the red light charges against you thrown out, there's still a very good chance he will protect you from getting points on your DMV record.

Although red light tickets give just one point on your DMV record, one point can be a very big deal. If you already have other points against you because you didn't fight a speeding ticket or had a DUI charge, one point can make the difference between keeping your license and losing it. One point on your license may also mean a costly insurance hike. While many motorists don't feel they need the added expense of a traffic ticket lawyer to represent them in court, not hiring a traffic lawyer can actually cost more in the long run.

Mr. Ticket Offers Free Consultations

Before deciding whether or not your red light ticket warrants hiring a Southern California traffic attorney, contact the law offices of Amir Soleimanian and Associates for a free consultation concerning your case. You may find out that, with the help of Mr. Ticket, you stand a good chance to have any traffic charges against you totally dropped. Contact Amir Soleimanian's office today for a free consultation to find out how his office can help you win your case and keep your insurance rates low.

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