Authentic IRN-BRU Now Easily Available to Fans in the USA

May 21, 2010 (PRLEAP.COM) Lifestyle News
Fans of IRN-BRU who live in the USA no longer have to go to extraordinary lengths to get more of their favorite beverage.

Internet retailer now offers real IRN-BRU made in Scotland. offers regular and diet in a variety of options.

Enthusiasts know all about the distinctive bright-orange, carbonated mixed-fruit drink. When shopping for IRN-BRU, make sure to get the authentic item (the product name still is spelled in all capitals and hyphenated).

The drink's taste can be described as a fruity and vanilla mix. IRN-BRU contains 32 different flavors and is still made with real sugar.

Contents of IRN-BRU are a closely-guarded secret. Just 2 people know how the beverage is made. Robin Barr, company chairman and 1 other anonymous board member know the recipe.

Started in 1901 by AG Barr in Glasgow, Scotland, the drink has a storied history. In the beginning, mixed fruit-flavor fruit drinks were called Iron Brew. Each maker produced their version slightly differently.

Due to conditions during parts of World War II, the beverage was not in stores. After the war, food label regulations were changed. Food names would have to be literally true. The name Iron Brew would have to altered since it did not contain enough Iron and was not brewed.

In 1946, AG Barr changed the name of their product to IRN-BRU, the phonetic pronunciation of Iron Brew.

In the following years, IRN-BRU growth was helped by prominent advertising. From the 1930s to the 1970s, "Ba-Bru and Sandy" ran in newspapers in Scotland. Then, the company used the well-known slogans "Made in Scotland from Girders" and "Your Other National Drink."

Although not as well-known as whisky or Scottish Tea IRN-BRU is remains popular in Scotland and throughout the world.

An Internet retailer, teadog offers brands of tea from around the world. also offers authentic IRN-BRU, which is made in Scotland.