Ateliers New Website Provides The Perfect Solution For Homeworkers-a Garden Studio Office

May 27, 2010 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Atelier has recently launched a new website providing clients with an overall view of the garden studio designs on offer. It also provides a comprehensive guide on choosing the right option to suit individual requirements.

With the advent of the internet and new technologies, coupled with the effects of the recent recession, more people are finding working from home a viable option in today's society. It will mean a dramatic lifestyle change for many and for some it will not suit, but more often than not the positive effects of working from home outweigh the negative. As a result Atelier has developed a range of garden studio to provide office space for home workers.

One of the best ways to add extra space to any house and to separate work from home life is to build a garden studio. These are contemporary buildings that are highly efficient and can be designed to suit individual needs. Garden studio are a solid investment for the future as not only so do studios add value to any home, they provide the space needed to be able to work from making it not necessary to move house.

Atelier garden studio offices allow the modern day workers increased flexibility. They save on precious travel time if the office is located a distance away, allowing time to be planned more efficiently. Garden studio also provide the opportunity for busy workers to have more family time, allowing for a more balanced work-home life. Many individuals are opting to set up internet businesses from home. Garden studio offices can make this a reality for the office can be completely separate from the house providing essential breathing space.

So as the structure of society changes in order to adapt to modern working requirements, more people are choosing to opt for the lifestyle change of working from home. Atelier garden studio play an important role allowing the transition from office to home to go as smoothly as possible. The company was launched in autumn 2009 and Atelier user friendly website has been redeveloped and updated to allow clients full access on what is on offer.