Freedom Watches Announce the Grand Seiko Will Now Be Available to Buy Outside of Japan For the First Time in 50 Years.

May 22, 2010 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
To mark the 50th anniversary of the classic timepiece, Freedom Watches announce that the Grand Seiko, made by Seiko Watches, will now be available to buy in some selective international markets. Since its launch in 1960 the Grand Seiko has only been on sale in Japan, much to the frustration of many watch connoisseurs as it has "long been recognised by collectors and industry observers as one of the greatest watches in the world".

Seiko Watches developed the original Grand Seiko to prove to the watch industry that they were capable of producing high quality timepieces equivalent, if not better than, the Swiss watch manufacturers. The new Grand Seiko possesses the latest spring drive technology as well as quartz movements. The unique main springs are made of Spiron, which allow for an excellent power reserve and all the elements of the watch are made with razor edge precision that Seiko Watches are renowned for.

Seiko is Japanese for "exquisite" and "successful". Seiko Watches has been a remarkably successful company since its launch in 1924. Its predecessor, Seiko Holdings Corporation, was established by K Hattori in 1895 and it went on to become Seiko Watches, which is renowned for cutting edge technology.

Always renowned for innovative ideas since, the introduction of the first pocket watch in 1895, Seiko Watches have gone on to create a reputation for precision technology which is acknowledged the world over. Following the launch of the Grand Seiko, Seiko Watches have developed and created many of the advanced timepieces in the world, including the Seiko Quartz Aston, the world's first quartz watch. Freedom Watches are a Seiko Authorised dealer offering a large range of Seiko Watches, such as, the thermo-electric watch, the world's first spring drive watch and the kinetic perpetual watch which is powered by your body's movement. Seiko Watches have gone on to develop a watch that will still keep time even when it is worn in space.

Seiko Watches are watches to be trusted that's why so many people return time and time again to buy a Seiko watch because the timepieces have an excellent reputation. Order from a large range of Seiko products from the safe and secure website of Freedom Watches. Seiko Watches have set the bar high when it comes to standards, making it difficult for other watch companies to keep up with their advanced technology and precision timepieces.