Gold Made Simple are launching a new way of investing in gold-pooled gold bullion.

May 23, 2010 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Gold Made Simple are launching on to the market a new way of investing in gold. When opting to buy gold bullion, individual gold bars and coins has been always been a popular choice. But Gold Made Simple is offering a new way of buying gold by introducing pooled gold. This provides investors with the opportunity to gold bars in whatever size is required.

Investing in gold bullion has seen a revival recently as the price of gold has risen dramatically over the past year. Gold always thrives in a crisis and due the current global economic and political climate investors are looking to buy gold bullion, as it appears to be the most stable investment, and steering away from stocks and shares and paper currencies. As Governments around the world attempt to tackle the global debt problem, massive deficits and the threat of inflation, investors are seeing the option to buy gold as the wisest choice.

Gold Made Simple offer a clear and comprehensive guide and an easy step by step process allowing investors to buy gold bullion to suit requirements. Individual gold bullion bars range from the standard size of 2.5g through to a 12.5 kilo full market bar. Clients choosing to buy gold bars as an investment have a good range of choice. All bars over 100g have its own personal unique serial number and gold bars can be stored in a vault or at home.

Gold Made Simple has introduced a new and unique way to buy gold bullion through the concept of pooled gold, making it accessible to more people. Pooled gold allows customers to invest in part of a gold bullion bar allowing clients to "pool" assists together in one bar. This option to buy gold provides flexibility to the customer.

Gold Made Simple works in partnership with the leading gold refiner Baird & Co ltd. Investors can buy gold bullion, whether they buy gold bars, coins or the newly acquired option of pooled gold, safe in the knowledge that the gold received will be .9999 rating. Gold at present is the investment of choice. Analysts advise to buy gold now and watch this remarkable investment grow.