Gold Made Simple urges investors to buy gold bullion as an alternative investment to paper currencies.

May 24, 2010 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
As the price of gold takes a dip, Gold Made Simple urge investors to buy gold bullion now as there has never been a more opportune time to hedge against the possible devaluation of paper currencies. With a bullish market in place and as analysts are predicting the price of gold to rise substantially, buying gold now is a good judgement call as investors will see impressive returns.

Investors worldwide are concerned about the introduction of the $1 trillion bailout package by the European Union to help with the sovereign debt in Greece. It is hoped by the contributing Governments that the plan will boost the European economy and allow them to pay the loans. To prevent the Euro collapsing the US dollar is being used to fund the loans but if it all collapses the value of paper currencies run a high risk of being devalued. As gold analyst Jim Sinclair writes, "Gold is the only insurance that can be purchased that will carry us whole to the other side of this economic madness".

Gold Made Simple make the process to buy gold bullion as straight forward as possible so investors can purchase with confidence. When choosing to buy gold bars investors can select from the standard 2.5g gold bullion bar all the way up to the full market value 12.5kg gold bar. The bars can be either stored in a secure vault or at home. New to Gold Made Simple is the option to buy gold bullion bars in the form of pooled gold. This form of investment allows individuals to pay for a portion of a gold bar making the choice of buying gold flexible.

Gold bullion is also sold in the form of coins. When customers chose to buy gold bullion coins it is usually due to the fact that gold coins have better resale potential. Select from the Krugerrand gold coin, the old Sovereign coin or the Maple Leaf coin all of which are available in varying weights.

Buying gold bullion is the most important investment step that can be taking during the present unsettled current political and economic turmoil. With the threat of the value of paper currency being devalued due to massive global debts, the option to buy gold bullion now, as suggested by Gold Made Simple, makes perfect financial sense.