My Calling Box - One Calling Solution in Any Situation

May 25, 2010 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
My Calling Box service enables all users to log into a web interface in order to place calls to any telephone in the world. What sets this product apart from its competitors is the variety of calling solutions that it offers: on top of the classical calling cards, My Calling Box also offers the option of WebCall.

MyCallingBox promises competitive rates and reliable connections for calling any telephone number using the PC. Packing up the two services that it features (WebCall and Calling Cards), it looks like all bases are covered: users can call from the PC for a smaller rate - when home, or using the calling card, when being on the go. Depending on the situation, each user can take advantage of the solution that best fits the needs.

For everyone's convenience, MyCallingBox offers 4 packages the users can choose from. These differ mainly by rate, rounding and maintenance fees - and this makes it easier for every user to find a perfect fit for his or her calling needs. It's a known fact that, given too many options, we will only find it more difficult to pick one. But 4 seems to be the right number of options in this case, especially since all packages come with a brief description of the calling needs they are aimed at meeting.
But who is MyCallingBox?

As part of WDN Communications, MyCallingBox benefits of the reliability guaranteed by one of the leading companies in the telecommunication field. This definitely insured a strong and reliable infrastructure for the company, which for us, the users, translates to great quality in all phone calls! And being a two-in-one product, MyCallingBox does indeed seem to offer one perfect calling solution in any situation.