Homeinteriors4u.com pose the question-In today's market, Move or Improve?

May 25, 2010 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
As a result of the recent recession many individuals have found static house prices have prevented them moving up the property ladder. Now the market appears to be moving again, Homeinteriors4u.com asks the question should homeowners be moving or improving.

The cost of moving home today can be very pricey. When making that move not only do moving costs need to be taken into account, there is stamp duty, agency fees, valuation fees and redecorating the house that is moved into. Conservatively the costs could add up to around £16,000 to £20,000 for the average homeowner. Is it worth all the time and money? Estate agent Jenny Leaf remarks "often people are looking to make two jumps-a bigger house in a better area-which makes it doubly difficult".

The alternative is to stay put and to make improvements. This is one way of maximising the true potential of a house and being ready for when the market picks to sell quickly. Some houses only need redecorating. A splash of colour, new made to measure curtains, replacing tired furniture is all's that's needed sometimes to revamp a look. The other alternative is to extend the property for future resale potential or to just fit in with family life. By adding a loft conversion a seller can expect to see a return of 12% of the selling price and 4.5% could be added with the installation of a new kitchen.

Whether moving or improving is the right option, Homeinteriors4u remind house owners that at the end of the day a house is a home. When redecorating a room or space the finishing touches can make all the difference. Homeinteriors4u.com offer a quick and easy made to measure curtains service which can make refurbishing simple. If home improvement is the right route to take it can range from a grand redesigning of space to small changes that can make a difference. Sometimes all that is required is a coat of paint, a new pair of made to measure curtains
or a replacement carpet to bring a new lease of life to a home. Relocating, climbing the property ladder or staying put the decision is down to personal choice.