Recent figures show that watch sales are booming-Freedom Watches ask the question,what does the watch a person wears say about them?

May 27, 2010 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
There may be a recession on but sales of watches are booming. Individuals find themselves needing the must have fashionable timepieces. Men in particular appear to be obsessed by brands and technical gadgetry. Freedom Watches asks what does the watch a person wear says about them.

Nowadays many watches are worn as adornments, used as fashion accessories to enhance an outfit. Time is displayed everywhere, most electrical gadgets show the time so there isn't always the need to wear a watch. Some have a watch on merely to enhance an image. From Seiko Watches through to Breil Watches, a quality timepiece can give confidence to its wearer.

First impressions count and a cheap watch can give the wrong impression. Stylish modern timepieces such as Breil Watches offer the stat of the art technology while still maintain an air of elegance and quality. Men in particular can be obsessed with owning the latest must have watch. They are drawn in by the latest technology and up to the minute gadgets.

The power of advertising further entices the status of a watch. Millions of pounds are spent on marketing and advertising the latest watch on the market. Annually watch companies introduce a new range of the latest must have watches, using famous celebrities to endorse the products. Breil Watches use Hollywood film stars Charlize Theron and Edward Norton to give the watch credibility and a wow factor. It makes the watch wearer feel part of the glamorous intrigue the actor portrays. Watches are seen a reflection of an individual's personality and a good quality watch can make its wearer stand out from the crowd. Freedom Watches offer not only state of the art watches but also classic and traditional timepieces that are having a revival at present. What brand you wear and how much it costs appear very much to be the new status symbol.