Now is the time to buy gold, Gold Made Simple makes it easy to invest in gold bullion coins

May 28, 2010 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
With the current global economic crisis leaving the financial world in turmoil, investment in gold bullion as a secure investment makes perfect sense. Gold Made Simple makes it easy to buy gold bullion coins now as advised by the market analysts and sit back and watch them grow in value.

For centuries gold has always been held in high esteem around the world. Investors buy gold bullion at times of crisis as its power and status as a means of currency remains strong. Gold is regarded as the ultimate safe haven for assets as it always performs well.

When investors buy gold bullion as an investment it makes perfect sense especially in the UK as stamp duty and tax on gold is free. Gold bullion bars and coins are in great demand at the moment. Coins especially are bought not only for their investment potential but also for their aesthetic appeal as collector's items. The well known Krugerrand, named after Boer statesman Paul Kruger is a popular choice. Due to the apartheid it has only been legal tender since 1994.

Gold Made Simple offer investors and collectors the opportunity to not only purchase a Krugerrand but to own a much sort after QE2 2010 Gold Sovereign. It is the most recent coin to be produced by the Royal Mint. There has been a lot of interest recently by those wishing to buy gold bullion Sovereigns as it has excellent investment potential. Other popular coins include the Canadian Maple Leaf gold coin and the American Gold Eagle coin.

Recent forecasts by analysts predict that the price of gold will rise dramatically making now the perfect time to buy gold bullion coins. Gold coins are the ideal place for a first time investor to start. Demand for gold coins has hit an all time high as reflected by record sales in Greece, Dubai and Russia. The popular 1oz 2010 Australian Lunar Coin Series ll has sold out in record time as investors buy gold as a hedge for their assets.

The world's largest gold bullion coin weighed 100 kilos and was made in Canada. Many countries around the world are jumping on the gold bandwagon and producing more gold bullion coins for investment purposes. Gold Made Simple offers the Krugerrand, Gold Sovereign and Maple Leaf coin. They simplify the process of buying gold bullion coins for investors. As the global debt problems appear to be ongoing for the near future investing in gold coins appears to be a wise option.