Crime Prevention Products Says Fake Security Measures Can Be Effective

May 28, 2010 (PRLEAP.COM) Lifestyle News
Increasingly, a property protection system is not an option but a necessity for both commercial and home real estate owners. Since CCTV can be costly, respected security providers such as Crime Prevention Products recommend dummy security cameras as an alternative option to offers a strong deterrent to criminals at a very affordable price.

It's important to choose a dummy security camera system carefully, as many such products available on the marketplace are far too easily recognisable as fakes. For this reason reputable security specialists offer models that use real camera housings. Thus, while looking like the real thing, they remove the bother of complicated instillation and having to store video recordings. All in all they can save consumers hundreds of pounds per year while providing an effective disincentive for burglars to attempt a break-in.

Just as with real CCTV cameras, when deciding on a dummy camera security system the experts agree that type and placement is crucial there are a variety of ranges available depending on whether they will be used for indoor or outdoor purposes. For example, the model used for a large outdoor area for a building or car park would need to be much more extensive than for a small home interior. People with high ceilings in their properties could best benefit from a 'Dome' model, which has the advantage that criminals cannot see the direction it is pointing. Apart from the right choice for the right circumstance, it is also important to place 'CCTV Warning' stickers on a property to make intruders wary even before they spot the cameras.

A single internal dummy security camera with an authentic CCTV housing will cost only £20 to £35. An external dummy camera, which needs to be rust resistant and weatherproof, can range between £30 and £100. At the top end of this price range are replicas of the large cameras (nearly 40cm in length) which are often used in industrial locations and car parks.

Another use for dummy cameras is to add to a real CCTV surveillance system at a fraction of the cost. The advantage of this, apart from cash savings, is that potential burglars won't know which cameras are real and which are fake.

Terry Rattee, owner of Crime Prevention Products, said, "Dummy cameras offer property owners an effective criminal deterrent at much lower price than they would pay for authentic CCTV. With real camera housings and sometimes even an LED which simulates a power-on mode, they're generally unrecognisable as fakes, so offer the same visibly effective warning to would-be burglars as their authentic counterparts. Sadly these days, having no security system in place whatsoever is almost like inviting intruders into your premises, so dummy cameras can be a very affordable solution."