Pond Supply Wholesaler and Retailer Natural Environmental Systems Now Offering Pond Plants for Sale

May 28, 2010 (PRLEAP.COM) Lifestyle News
Natural Environmental Systems, LLC announces that they have added one of the largest selections of pond plants available to their pond supply portfolio. This recent product addition includes such aquatic plants as lotus, water lilies, marginal/ bog plants and oxygenators (submerged grasses). In total the company is offering more than 150 different individual plants.

In the water lily category, both hardy and tropical lilies are available in a wide array of colors including changeable color lilies and night blooming lilies. The lotus collection consists of more than 15 varieties that include Perry's Giant Sunburst and Mrs. Perry Slocum.

The marginal contain more than 60 plant varieties ranging from various cattails to Parrot's Feather to Water Celery, while the submerged grass collection is much smaller, but contains plants like Hornwort and Eel Grass.

All plants ordered from company are harvested and shipped direct from the plant farm as they are ordered. This process ensures the customer gets the freshest and healthiest plant possible. Water Lilies and Lotus are shipped bare root, meaning the customer receives a tuber and must plant it in a pot and planting media upon arrival. Marginals and oxygenators are shipped in 4" pots that can be added to a pond "as is" or can be re-potted into a larger container prior to placement in the pond.

"We have been working on setting up this program for a while and are very excited to have it in place", states Casey Coke from Natural Environmental Systems. "As a company that focuses on providing natural and safe solutions, adding plants to a pond is the most natural way to filter a pond and fight off algae growth, which makes it an ideal fit for us and our customers."

Plants are shipped all season long, except for Lotus which are only available through April and early May.

For more information or to find out more about these plants or other pond supplies from Natural Environmental Systems, call 1-800-999-9345 or visit www.naturalenviro.com. Customer Support is also available via Live Chat Monday through Friday from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM CST.

About Natural Environmental Systems, LLC
Natural Environmental Systems is a worldwide supplier of biological products for use in pond and lake treatment, soil conditioning and reclamation, wastewater treatment (onsite and offsite) and bioremediation. The company also distributes a variety of other environmentally friendly products to complement its line of biological solutions such as aeration systems, algaecides/ herbicides, turf fungicides, greenhouses and others.