Britannia Dual Fuel Range Cookers

June 05, 2010 (PRLEAP.COM) Lifestyle News
06/05/2010 Dual fuel cookers continue to be by far the most popular consumer choice, even though all electric cookers have improved with the introduction of induction.

Dual fuel range cookers combine electric ovens with a gas hob providing a versatile style of cooking. All Britannia range cookers are available as dual fuel range cookers.

A Britannia gas hob allows controllability, with quick responsive heat or heat reduction using different sized burners including triple ring burners (also called wok burners, but can be used for large saucepans or frying pans, not just woks); robust cast iron pan supports and the option of a Chef Top a stainless steel hotplate which sits over an elongated burner. If there is no mains gas, then all Britannia's gas burners can be converted to bottled gas (LPG).

Electric ovens provide a more versatile style of cooking than gas ovens. Britannia main ovens have 9 cooking functions allowing the flexibility to prepare dishes using the best cooking style for each recipe. By selecting different elements within the oven, the cook can ensure that the heat is directed to the required cooking area. Certain oven functions, such as the conventional oven setting, provide a similar heat distribution as gas ovens. However, multi-functional electric ovens feature more options for heat distribution to suit different cooking styles. The True Fan function, for instance, allows batch baking small cakes, biscuits or savoury canapés on three shelves because the heat is evenly distributed in the oven. In a gas oven one would only be able to use one shelf.
All Britannia ovens have an integral grill so there is no need for a separate grill compartment as in a gas oven. There is also a Fan Assisted Grill function available, which is ideal for grilling lamb chops, sausages or chicken portions. The fan circulates the hot air, reducing the need to baste and turn. And if one is pressed for time then Britannia's " Quickstart" is ideal. Thanks to this unique feature, all main ovens heat up to 200°C in only 6 minutes.

Britannia electric range ovens features make them economical to run especially when making use of the "Quickstart" facility and the multifunctional settings to their full benefit.

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