September 23, 2005 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
LAKEWOOD, CO – As baby boomers continue to get older and Generation X officially turning 40 this year, a hot new trend is developing across the nation: Far infrared sauna sales are heating up. In fact, according to Aqua Magazine far infrared sauna sales have been rising rapidly at more than 50 percent each year for the last 2 years.

According to David Floyd of LuxSauna Inc., based in Lakewood, Colorado, the increase in sauna sales is due to a number of factors: health benefits, detoxifying, weight loss; as much as 600 calories are burned during a 30 minute session, as well as its healing affects on arthritis, back pain and other body aches and pains.

The benefits of traditional saunas have been known for over 2000 years in various countries from Finland to Japan to Turkey. Thanks to a new study published in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology, the health-promoting effects of far infrared saunas might finally get a bit more of the attention they deserve. Far infrared saunas are sort of the "new kid on the (sauna) block," having become very popular in Japan over the past century. Far infrared saunas are a bit different than the traditional hot rock or steam versions. Far infrared waves warm things without actually heating up the air in between the heat source and the object. So in a far infrared sauna, the air is warm and dry and the infrared heat penetrates deeper and faster into the human body, as opposed to the humid, surface heat of traditional saunas.

Americans are just now discovering the health benefits of the new infrared saunas and are responding in droves, adding them to their homes. In fact, saunas are rapidly becoming a “must have” in many American households.

“First it was the hot tub, then a home office, then a media room now the must have in many homes is the sauna room,” explained Floyd. “People are making specific places in their homes for the sauna or are renovating certain areas such as a bathroom to include the sauna.”

With the new technology of the infrared saunas, Americans are saving money and time as well as adding an investment to their home. The new saunas are ready to use in less than five minutes (lower electric bills); more compact – allowing homeowners to use them in smaller areas; and the temperature is lower by 100 degrees – making the sauna more tolerable for longer periods of time.

“The saunas themselves are now lower in price,” says Floyd. “And they’re more pleasant to be in – they all come with an AM/FM compact disk player to entertain while soothing you to a healthier body.”

Located in Lakewood, Colorado, LuxSauna is a privately owned company that specializes in a variety of infrared saunas. The company sells more than 300 saunas per month across the country. Their website is located at .

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