June 09, 2010 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News
LOUISVILLE, KY (June 9, 2010) Always among the first to adopt new technology and the latest techniques, Corbett Cosmetic Surgery announces it now uses the new KellerFunnel for Louisville Breast Augmentations. This new innovation was recently introduced for the placement of silicone gel implants in breast augmentation. For more information on any of these treatments or to schedule a consultation, please visit or call 502-721-0330.

"Corbett Cosmetic Surgery strives to bring the newest tools and techniques in plastic surgery to Louisville, and this is certainly the newest technology available for breast augmentation surgery," said Dr. Lee Corbett, a highly credentialed, board-certified plastic surgeon with more than 12 years of experience. "The KellerFunnel offers several distinct advantages to our patients, which provides for a less stressful procedure."

Traditionally, implants are inserted through a small incision and pushed into place by the surgeon's finger. This can create added stress on the implant, resulting in a higher long-term rate of rupture and costly reoperations to replace failed implants, according to Keller Medical, Inc., makers of the KellerFunnel.

The KellerFunnel offers four distinct advantages over the traditional method:
- Less Stress — According to the FDA, stress damage to the implant shell during surgery is one of the major causes of implant rupture. The Keller Funnel permits plastic surgeons to quickly and easily propel silicone implants into position with much less time and effort.

- Reduced Contamination This device enables surgeons to use a "no-touch" technique, eliminating direct contact of the implants with the patient's skin. This is significant because contamination of the implant shell with bacteria from the skin is felt to be a major cause of capsular contracture, leading to firm or hard beasts.

- Smaller Incisions Surgeons can use smaller incisions and therefore have shorter final scars, which also gives more options on where an incision is made.

- Quicker Recovery The funnel helps reduce trauma to surrounding breast tissue, reducing pain and speeding recovery times.

This new innovation was introduced at the American Society of Plastic Surgeons conference in October 2009.

Corbett Cosmetic Surgery is a boutique cosmetic surgery center offering a high level of personal attention and elite access to the surgeon that is unmatched in Louisville. Dr. Corbett sees patients at his office on Dutchman's Lane, which offers an intimate setting where the staff knows patients by name and their needs are always met quickly.