Identify Potential Intruders As They Approach Says Crime Prevention Products

June 11, 2010 (PRLEAP.COM) Lifestyle News
As crucial as burglar alarm systems are in protecting properties by letting occupants know when an intruder is trying to gain access, leading security experts such as Crime Prevention Products advise it is also wise to be proactive and have an alarm that gives notification of strangers as they approach the premises.

Driveway alarms are an effective way to enhance security peace of mind. There are different types of models available to suit varying types of property security needs, and their range of detection varies accordingly. Not only do they cover driveways, they can also be used to keep a watchful eye on rear gardens or side entrances of homes. For commercial properties and farms, they come in handy by signalling any approach to a loading bay, farmyard shop or unmanned reception area and there are even Perimeter Alarms available that can tell if someone breaks the infra-red beam over 40 or even 100 meters.. Some have the range of up to the distance of a mile between sensor and receiver, making them highly suitable to farms and large estates.

These types of alarms are battery operated and relatively easy to install. They work using motion detection technology that sends a signal to a receiver located inside the property, triggering an audible sound such as chimes when someone is approaching. The receiver itself generally uses a power outlet, but some types of driveway alarm have a battery backup in the event of a power shortage.

A simple driveway alarm consists of one transmitter and one receiver. They generally start from a minimum range of 80 metres. More complex models are built with multiple transmitters so you can put alarms on more than one driveway or walkway leading up to a property.

The sensors on driveway alarms are designed to withstand varying kinds of weather conditions. They are generally waterproof and able to cope with rain or snow, but sunlight can sometimes disturb their effectiveness. For this reason it is recommended they be placed in a relatively protected area. Some driveway alarms will not to be triggered when small animals (those weighing fewer than 40 pounds) create motion. The movement of larger objects however such as shrubs or tree branches blowing in the wind might trigger the alarm, so it is also suggested they be placed where these types of activities will not cause interference. All in all, the instruction manual for this type of security alarm will advise customers on the best locations to install them.

It's important to calculate the range needed for a specific property, as well as to bear in mind that each time the signal has to pass through an obstacle, such as a wall or building, it loses strength. The reduction is generally 20 metres every time it encounters an obstruction. Again, the location of a driveway alarm is key to its effectiveness.

Terry Rattee, owner of Crime Prevention Products, commented, "An effective security system that gives full peace of mind in guarding a property should ideally include a driveway alarm. Better to know when a potential intruder is approaching your premises so you can take quick measures - before they actually try to gain access."