More Prepared Helps People Get Ready to Weather Hurricane Season

June 11, 2010 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
With experts predicting a potentially record-breaking hurricane season, it is essential that Americans in tropical storm zones takes steps now to prepare themselves in the event of an emergency. More Prepared (, a California company specializing in disaster preparedness, advises people living in hurricane prone areas to develop detailed emergency plans, take steps to ensure their homes are better able to withstand a storm, and stock up on emergency supplies, including a well provisioned hurricane kit.

June is National Hurricane Preparedness Month and meteorologists have been issuing bleak forecasts for the looming hurricane season. As many as 10 hurricane-level storms are predicted for the Atlantic region, with as many as five carrying devastating winds in excess of 110 mph. If those predictions prove correct, 2010 could be the worst year for hurricanes since 2005, the year of Katrina.

Early preparedness is critical for those living in harm's way. More Prepared CEO Mina Arnao says that people should contact local disaster preparedness organizations for information on evacuation routes and the location of emergency shelters. A communication plan should be established for contacting loved ones. Provisions should also be made for pets and live stock.
Homeowners may also wish to review their insurance coverage, take pictures of their homes and property, and stock up on plywood and other items that can be used to protect buildings.

"It's not a good idea to wait until a storm is on the horizon to stock up at the hardware store and supermarket as emergency goods are likely to be in short supply," Arnao says. "With the exception of such things as medicine and water purification tablets, emergency supplies are not perishable. Most things can be purchased well in advance, but they should be kept in a place where they are sure to remain dry and are easily accessible."
Arnao suggests people make a checklist of things they will need in event of a major storm. Basic items to keep on hand include:
- Food
- Water (one gallon per person per day)
- First aid kit
- Flashlights and extra batteries
- Weather radio
- Cash
- Prescription medications
- Important documents in a waterproof bag
Suggested supplemental items include:
- Blankets
- Ponchos
- Lantern and light sticks
- Tarps and plastic sheeting
- Rope
- Water purification tablets
- Portable stove
- Waterproof matches
- Duct tape
- 6-in-1 survival tool
Detailed information on what to do before, during and after a hurricane is available on the More Prepared website,