26 Dot Two Launches Digital Labs Division

June 14, 2010 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
To fully exploit today's "digital Darwinism," 26 Dot Two announces the launch of its Digital Labs division to provide clients with the tools, best practices and metrics to increase exposure through social media.

"Most of the existing formulas, methodologies, and systems miss or completely ignore the role of new influencers to inspire action, cause change, spark trends, and recruit advocates," says Chris Beck, chief vision officer of 26 Dot Two. "But we're media insiders and we get how media is being consumed today."

Through Digital Labs, 26 Dot Two is partnering with renowned social media strategist Brian Solis; the team is rounded out by Danny Dee Aguayo, their new Social Media Evangelist and Ari Sandoval, Digital Street Team member. "Brian is one of the best known social media gurus in the world," says Beck. "We're thrilled he's partnering with us to blow traditional benchmarks away."

The division creates custom dynamic experiences and "social objects" that help clients succeed and thrive in an era of perceived, yet strategic, lawlessness. "We take a 360 snapshot of a client's brand and then locate key influencers, competitors, and keywords to steer and shift perceptions," says Beck. "We engage in bottom up conversations-rather than top down-with the people formerly known as the 'audience.'"

They are currently working on two groundbreaking projects for Whole Foods Market's Northern California, Rocky Mountain and Mid Atlantic Regions.

For more information, visit www.26dottwo.com.

About 26 Dot Two:
Lots of people want to run a marathon (26.2 miles) but only one percent of the people in world actually has the ability to do it. It's the same in advertising: every agency wants to achieve the "highest ROI" and reach the "target demographic," but few really deliver. At 26 Dot Two, we have the knowledge, strategy, and creative ability to actually do it. We revel in the pain that comes from pushing ourselves through those last few miles because it's those miles separate a winner from the also-rans and create results for our clients. Yes, our founder has run four.