Toktumi - Apple's Release Of The iPhone 4G Makes the Top VoIP App Even Better

June 16, 2010 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
San Francisco, CA -, Toktumi, Inc. announced today that the new iPhone 4G iOS4 will provide for an even better experience for users of the best-selling iPhone VoIP application, Line2. The new iPhone 4G operating system iOS4 allows background processing. This means Line2 will always be on, allowing customers to receive calls on their Line2 number over VoIP when they have a WiFi or 3G connection even when the app is not active.

Peter Sisson, Founder and CEO of Toktumi, said, "We are counting the days until iOS4 ships on June 21st. Our customers have been asking for backgrounding from day one. Although the current version of Line2 still allows them to receive calls when the app isn't running, they come in over cellular. Now people who don't have cell reception or are trying to reduce their cell minutes can get their calls, even if they are listening to music or playing a game."

Anyone with an iPhone 3GS or the new iPhone 4 will be able to run Line2 in the background after upgrading to iOS4. As the only dual mode VoIP/cell calling app, Line2 lets users make calls over VoIP when Wi-Fi is available, or cellular when its not, all using the same number. Line2 VoIP calls offer superior sound quality while saving customers money by reducing their cell minutes.

Line2 detects the best available network based on customer preferences and places and receives calls over that network automatically. Advanced VoIP calling features include call waiting, call transfer, and conferences for up to 20 people all without burning a single cellular minute. Wi-Fi call quality is better than cellular with Line2, and Wi-Fi calls between two Line2 customers use 16-kHz HD audio for crystal clear sound quality that is stunning to experience.

Line2 is a $0.99 download that comes with 30 days of free service. After that, service costs just $14.95/month for unlimited US/Canada calling, international calling starting at 2c/minute, and access to all features. Toktumi, Inc., is the leading provider of affordable hosted PBX phone services for small businesses and virtual offices and mobile VoIP solutions for business users and consumers. For the latest information on Line2 and Toktumi, follow us on Twitter at or visit our facebook page at