Bliss Pest Control of New York Taking Part in National Mosquito Control Awareness Week

June 18, 2010 (PRLEAP.COM) Lifestyle News
Many people do not know that June is home to one of the most bizarre holiday observations ever, but Bliss Pest Control of NY does. National Mosquito Control Awareness Week takes place from June 20-27 and Bliss Pest Control of NY wants to help educate everyone on the issues of mosquitos.

The American Mosquito Control Association created the National Mosquito Control Awareness Week 14 years ago to educate the general public about the positive service that mosquito control professionals bring to their communities and Bliss Pest Control of New York wants to help spread the word.

While most people probably don't think much about mosquitos in their daily life, other than that they are annoying and cause frustrating itchy bumps on your arms and legs, mosquitos can actually cause serious illness. Mosquitos carry a variety of diseases, from Malaria to EEE which kill more than one million people every year. Mosquitos even transmit diseases and parasites such as SLE and dog heartworm to horses and dogs.

There are several ways to prevent bites from mosquitos without having to walk around in a plastic bubble. There are many repellants available which are designed to be placed on bare skin in the form of sprays, creams and liquids. DEET is one of the most highly regarded repellants on the market. The oil of citronella can be burned to provide an effective repellant as well, but are not useful when used in windy conditions. There are also products containing the active ingredient Permethrin, which are applied to clothing and camping gear, but never skin. Permethrin will kill mosquitos and can remain active even after several washes but is safe when label directions are followed closely.

The public needs to know how to protect themselves and those around them in order to prevent mosquito-borne transfer of diseases and possibly even death. Understanding the risks that mosquitos pose in daily life is the first step in mosquito pest control.

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