Homeinteriors4u.com Looks at the Role of the Modern Interior Designer

June 19, 2010 (PRLEAP.COM) Lifestyle News
An interior designer is a professionally trained individual who will ultimately help to turn a clients dream into a reality. Homeinteriors4u.com looks at what does an interior designer do that is so special that it cannot be achieved through DIY.

An interior designer spends years studying their art. Not only do they have to be proficient at architecture and art they must have a natural flair and instinct when it comes to designing. Anyone can embark on a DIY project but more often than not time proves to be a problem or inspiration dries up.

The interior designer works for a variety of clients from private individuals through to international companies. The role is very varied but generally they are required to offer advice and guidance on how best to utilise and decorate a specific space. Designers help bring a vision or dream to life choosing the right vibrant colours, furniture, made to measure curtains or finishing touches that can complete the look and feel of a space.

Initially an interior designer meets a client face to face in order to discuss needs and budget. A plan can then be formulated and designed laying out the cost and design to the client. The advantages of using an interior designer are they have access to the latest trends and designs and also they know how to source the required products. More often than not they have their own team of specialised workers thereby finishing the job efficiently and on time.

With the advent of new technology, Interior designers can bring their designs to life through the use of 3D programmes. Items can be dragged into place on the computer screen such as, furniture, made to measure curtains and beds and the layout the can be easily changed to suit needs and requirements. A similar application has been introduced on the Apple iPhone making interior design versatile and inspirational. Through the use of technology designers can keep up to date with the latest fashions and trends.

The modern interior designer is a specialised and well trained individual who is invaluable when it comes to comes to bringing a vision and idea to life. Homeinteriors4u.com agrees that through their natural instinct and flair interior designers play an important role in designing the layout and use of a space. Homeinteriors4u.com is a one stop shop for window dressings from made to measure curtains and fabric.