Labface Offers SEO Boost To Global Scientific Companies

June 24, 2010 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
A brand new SEO service is now available for manufacturers and suppliers of laboratory products and equipment. is owned by The HEN Ltd, a UK based firm with a global attitude and approach to search engine optimization in this niche area.

The service is designed for any scientific company who would like to improve their product visibility and overall positions in the organic search results for their key products and services. The team at Labface will work closely with each company and carry out very detailed research based on which products are searched for and how competitive those key terms are. They will then build pages around that content and create a unique angle for that product, focusing on the main attributes and their associated applications.

"Companies in the scientific and medical lab products sectors are moving their marketing and sales operations to the World Wide Web just as other industries have done", comments Dave Wadley, Marketing Manager at The HEN Ltd. "However, while these scientific companies may have already established some kind of online presence, that doesn't mean that they're necessarily prepared for the challenges of doing business in this new environment, in what is a surprisingly competitive industry."

Researchers at The HEN soon realized that even though a company could have all of the global expertise in manufacturing or supplying laboratory microscopes, search engine optimization was not their main focus. Now, thanks to the work of the Suffolk based firm behind Labface, scientific supply companies don't have to become experts in the online marketing field as well. Labface offers these companies the benefit of their SEO expertise in order to give them a higher profile on the web.

"Our mission here at Labface is to take the guesswork out of search engine optimization for companies which manufacture and distribute scientific instruments, consumables and other lab products. Once we have established their key products, we'll create great content for potential buyers, end users and the search engines. We then make it very easy for visitors to get in contact with suppliers or to view and download related products and materials from one source," Wadley concludes.

The main aim for the Labface team is to offer unique content services which help lab suppliers to raise awareness of their products in the scientific and medical sectors, as well as promoting their corporate identity and giving their products a winning position in search engine results. The service includes four main profile pages, product images, specific web links, downloadable pdf files and video content, as well as up to a dozen product releases annually for each supplier.

This kind of online scientific marketplace provides companies with an easy way to gather leads, gain the interest of purchasing agents and other decision makers and helps to build their brand image online.

Through improved b2b community tools, labface also provides an inviting and worthwhile experience for buyers and end users of lab products. Registered users can build and save product and event matches to make it even easier to find and communicate with lab suppliers.

With these targeted services, Labface allows global scientific companies to continue reaching new markets while focusing on their real business making the technological and product breakthroughs which advance science and medicine.